Magnetic End Effector on Pick and Place Robot Handling Steel Tubes

Magnetic end effector, also known as magnetic gripper or magnetic grabhead, is the perfect end-of-arm-tool for pick and place robots handling ferromagnetic workpieces. Below is a typical application of HVR MAG's robotic end effector transferring steel tubes in automated manufacturing plant.

Magnetic end effector specifically designed and manufactured by HVR MAG, mounted at the end of the robotic arm.
Capable of picking up 1 or 2 tubes from point A, transferring and positioning it to Point B - the conveyor line each time.

Unlike mechanical robot grippers, once magnetized, this magnetic end effector only needs one surface to grab the tube instantly.
It is flexible since it does not need different designs for different ferrous parts, can lift 1 or 2 tubes each time.
It can grip parts with holes which is not possible with vacuum grippers, like perforated sheets.
It requires minimal maintenance.
No electric power required in gripping state, except for the MAG and DEMAG phase.
Gripping of the part is maintained in event of power loss.

The electrically actuated magnetic grabhead can be custom designed to grab things such as pressed or perforated steel parts and sheets, blanks, punched steel materials, and stamped parts for transport and transfer applications in automatic production lines, press-to-press transfers and robotic pick-and-place systems.

Also, it can be tailored as end-of-arm-tooling for moving large steel components like welding workpiece, automotive or construction parts in welding line. Learn more about the application of magentic end effector in industrial automation, welcome to visit our casesection.

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