Welding Magnets for Automation

Welding Magnets for Automation

Welding magnets are magnets with extremely strong magnetic fields that make great tools for the welding process. They can stick to all metal surfaces and can hold/fixing/secure ferrous objects of different size and shapes, thus allow the welders to work with their hands-free so that the welding process becomes safer and more secure.

HVR MAG manufacturer welding magnets with electro permanent magnetic technology utilized, which ensure that you will be working with a magnet that is strong enough to meet your welding demands for automation application.

Size/shape/holding force of the magnet can be custom manufactured in accordance with your specific application needs.



Switched by electric pulse - Magnetization and Demagnetization within 2 seconds

Energy saving - no building power consumed when in holding state

Maximum holding force/size/shape of magnets: custom engineered per your specific application needs.

These switchable holding magnets are a quick and secure solution in automated welding procedure industry, custom engineered design available in accordance with your application needs.

Magnet specifications
Model Rated lifting force (Plate thickness≥16mm) Plate thickness Max. pulling-out force L W H Weight
HEPMP-1510P50 160kg ≥6mm 650kg 150mm 100mm 72mm 8kg
HEPMP-320P50 320kg ≥6mm 1300kg 180mm 180mm 72mm 17kg
HEPMP-500P50 500kg ≥6mm 1950kg 250mm 180mm 72mm 23kg
HEPMP-720P50 720kg ≥6mm 2925kg 250mm 250mm 72mm 32kg
HEPMP-2012P70 320kg ≥8mm 1100kg 190mm 110mm 72mm 12kg
HEPMP-2020P70 640kg ≥8mm 2200kg 200mm 200mm 72mm 22kg
Model Rated lifting force (Plate thickness≥16mm) Plate thickness Max. pulling-out force L W H Weight
HEPMP-30P30B 30kg 2-12mm 120kg 100mm 54mm 58mm 2.2kg
HEPMP-60P30B 60kg 2-12mm 200kg 100mm 100mm 58mm 4.6kg
HEPMP-100P30B 100kg 2-12mm 400kg 140mm 100mm 58mm 5.5kg
HEPMP-200P30B 200kg 2-12mm 800kg 260mm 100mm 58mm 10kg
HEPMP-60P30 60kg 3-12mm 220kg 110mm 60mm 58mm 3.7kg
HEPMP-1406P30 90kg 3-12mm 320kg 140mm 60mm 58mm 4.0kg
HEPMP-1906P30 120kg 2-12mm 440kg 190mm 60mm 58mm 4.8kg
Model Rated lifting force (Steel tube wall thickness≥12mm) Steel tube wall thickness Max. pulling-out force L W H Weight
HEPMSP-60P45×24 60kg ≥3mm 240kg 145mm 90mm 81mm 8kg
HEPMSP-100P45×24 100kg ≥3mm 360kg 200mm 120mm 81mm 12kg
HEPMSP-200P45×24 200kg ≥3mm 600kg 370mm 105mm 81mm 17kg
HEPMSP-300P45×24 300kg ≥3mm 900kg 435mm 105mm 81mm 23.5kg
Customized round magnet Rated lifting force Plate thickness Max. pulling-out force D H Weight
HEPM1-25 3kg ≥2mm 15kg 25mm 35mm 120g
HEPM1-40-A 20kg ≥4mm 80kg 40mm 48mm 420g
HEPM1-40-B 20kg ≥4mm 80kg 40mm 40mm 350g
HEPM1-50 30kg ≥6mm 100kg 49mm 45mm 650g
HEPM1-60-A 50kg ≥8mm 200kg 59mm 50mm 1kg
HEPM1-60-B 50kg ≥8mm 200kg 59mm 50mm 1kg
HEPM1-75 90kg ≥12mm 400kg 78mm 48mm 1.5kg
HEPM1-100 150kg ≥16mm 650kg 100mm 65mm 3.5kg
HEPM1-125 250kg ≥20mm 1200kg 125mm 65mm 6kg
HEPM1-150 320kg ≥25mm 1500kg 158mm 70mm 9.5kg


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