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Electro-permanent Magnet for Ferro Metal Handling

Steel Structure, Construction Machinery, and Automation Integrator, this video shows how they ge...

View 2022-08-03

See How Magnetic Lifting Beam Loads Steel Plate for Cutting Table

See how HVR MAG's magnetic lifting beam helps in loading steel plate onto cutting table in clien...

View 2021-09-29

6 Ton Battery Lift Magnets Loading Steel Plate for CNC Cutting

See how battery lift magnets help steel manufacturers loading steel plate for CNC cutting system...

View 2021-09-29

Quick Change Mold Clamps for 2300 Ton Injection Molding Machine

Quick change mold clamps for 2300 ton injection molding machine See how magnetic mold clamping ...

View 2021-09-29

Magnetic Robot Gripper Handling Round Bar

Small piece of maget, with strong and stable magnetic gripping force, ideal robotic gripper choi...

View 2021-09-29

What Does Magnetic Platens Do On Injection Molding Machine?

What does magnetic platens do on injection molding machine? Or we can put it in a different way,...

View 2021-09-29

Robot Magnetic End Effector Manipulating Hollow Steel Tube In Automatic Welding Line

Customized magnetic end effector, mounted at the end of the robotic arm, picks and places of hal...

View 2021-09-29

How to Change Mould Quickly for 200T Haitian Injection Molding Machine

How to change mould quickly for your injection molding machine? Well, the following video will f...

View 2021-09-07

Magnetic End Effector Automatically Unloading Skeleton Off Steel Plate Cutting Table

This video shows how magnetic end effector works in robotics, automatically unloading skeleton o...

View 2021-08-24

Electro Permanent Magnets for Intelligent Manufacturing

Another batch of custom designed electro permanent magnets from HVR MAG, will come into play in ...

View 2021-08-24

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