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Robot Transferring Steel Framwork with Magnet Gripper

With custom designed magnet gripper, industrial pick and place robot can easily transfer unevenl...

View 2021-06-02

Magnetic Gripper for Robot Picking & Positioning of Steel Workpiece

Magnetic gripper, used for robot picking & positioning of steel workpiece in automated welding l...

View 2021-06-02

Magnet Grippers Lifting Steel Pipes on Gantry Robot System

Combining the advantages of magnetic clamping force with the flexibility of gantry robot system...

View 2021-06-02

Magnetic Grippers in Robotics for Machine Tending Welding Steel Material Handling

This video shows how HVR MAG's magnetic grippers in robotics are used in various industry lines...

View 2021-06-02

Robot Magnetic Gripper Handling Sheet Metal Part in Welding Line

This video shows how robot magnetic gripper works in automated welding line...

View 2021-06-02

120 Ton Magnetic Mold Clamping Plates on ENGEL Injection Molding Machine

The latest application of HVR MAG's magnetic mold clamping plates for quick mold change solution...

View 2021-06-02

Milling Machine Drilling Workpiece with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Milling machine drilling workpiece, using electro-permanent magnetic chuck to clamp workpiece....

View 2021-06-02

Horizontal Lathe Machining with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Horizontal lathe machine machining video, equipped with electro-permanent magnetic chuck manufac...

View 2021-06-02

CNC Vertical Lathe Machining with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck for CNC vertical lathe machining...

View 2021-06-02

Plane Surface Grinder Machining with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chucks

DYCM-10060 electro-permanent magnetic chucks for surface grinder...

View 2021-06-02

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