HVR MAG at Chinaplas 2021 (ShenZhen)

2021 Chinaplas (ShenZhen) Exhibition Center HVR MAG at Booth 12S01...

View 2021-06-02

Robot Handling Metal Sheet for Bending Machine with Permanent Electromagnetic Gripper

Replacing vacuum gripper with permanent electromagnetic gripper...

View 2021-06-02

Robot Magnetic Gripper Transferring Steel Framework for Welding - HVR MAG

Magnetic grippers on robotic arms for the loading and unloading of steel workpieces in butt weld...

View 2021-06-02

Hand-Crank Telescopic Beam with Lift Magnets Handling Steel Plate of Different Sizes

Hand-crank telescopic beam with lift magnets, can be stretched or retracted by the hand-crank on...

View 2021-06-02

Vertical Lifting of Steel Slab with Battery Powered Magnetic Lifter

Trail lift of steel slab in HVR MAG factory before delivery. This battery powered magnetic lifte...

View 2021-06-02

Trial Lift of 20 Ton Telescopic Beam Steel Plate Lifting Magnets

See how the stretched telescopic beam retracts itself back. ...

View 2021-06-02

Stacking Long & Heavy Steel Plate with Lifting Magnet System - Lifting Capacity 16 Ton

Stacking 15 meters long steel plate with lifting magnet system, proves to be a safer and more ef...

View 2021-06-02

Stacking Steel Plate with Lifting Magnet System 12 Ton

How do you move or lift steel plates weighing up to ten tons? How to stack them outside?...

View 2021-06-01

How to Load Heavy Steel Plate for Cutting Line & Load the Cut Parts off?

Magnetic lifting beam unloading heavy steel plate & cut parts off the cutting table...

View 2021-06-01

Trial Lift of 6 Ton Magnetic Lifting Beam in HVR MAG Factory

6 Ton Magnetic Lifting Beam - Trial Lift of Steel Plate in HVR MAG Factory...

View 2021-06-01

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