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Magnetic Robot Gripper Handling Round Bar

Small piece of maget, with strong and stable magnetic gripping force, ideal robotic gripper choi...

View 2021-09-29

Robot Magnetic End Effector Manipulating Hollow Steel Tube In Automatic Welding Line

Customized magnetic end effector, mounted at the end of the robotic arm, picks and places of hal...

View 2021-09-29

Magnetic End Effector Automatically Unloading Skeleton Off Steel Plate Cutting Table

This video shows how magnetic end effector works in robotics, automatically unloading skeleton o...

View 2021-08-24

Cartesian Robot Depalletizing Steel Wheel Hubs with Customed Magnetic Gripper

Application of HVR MAG customed magnetic gripper, mounted on a cartesian robot depalletizing ste...

View 2021-08-24

Magnet Gripper for Robotic Pick & Place of Steel Wire Spool in Conveyor Line

This video shows how electrically switched magnet gripper on robot, works for pick & place of st...

View 2021-08-24

Magnetic Gripper in Robotics - HVR MAG

See how magnetic gripper on robotic arm works in automated welding line....

View 2021-08-24

Manipulating Corrugated Arc Plate with Magnet Lifters on Articulating Boom Lift

Magnet lifters on articulating boom lift, for the picking up, transferring and positioning of th...

View 2021-08-24

Transferring 200-300kg Irregular Steel Workpieces with Robot Magnetic Gripper

Below is another application of customized magnetic gripper, on pick and place robot, transferri...

View 2021-08-24

Transferring octagonal steel tube with magnet lifters on gantry system

Magnet lifters are frequently used in gantry system for automatic transferring of steel products...

View 2021-06-02

Manipulator Transferring Water Heater Tanks with Magnetic Lifters

This video shows how magnetic lifters are used on manipulator arm, transferring water heater ta...

View 2021-06-02

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