Unloading Cut Steel Slab with Battery Operated Lifting Magnet

Instead of manpower handling, battery operated lifting magnet is a good choice for the moving jo...

View 2021-06-02

Vertical Lifting of Steel Slab with Battery Powered Magnetic Lifter

Trail lift of steel slab in HVR MAG factory before delivery. This battery powered magnetic lifte...

View 2021-06-02

Battery Powered Lifting Magnet, Trial Lift of A Steel Slab in HVR MAG Factory

Battery powered lifting magnet is activated by a short electrical pulse while the effective powe...

View 2021-06-01

60-80mm Structural Steel Beam Handling Magnets Battery Powered

HBEPS Electro permanent magnetic beam with battery supply is for lifting steel profiles in diffe...

View 2020-11-24

10 Ton Electro Permanent Magnetic Beam Battery Powered

The HBEPP-magnets can be used anywhere, even in areas where no electric power supply is availabl...

View 2020-11-24

Lifting Steel Plate with 6 Ton Battery Powered Magnetic Beam

Thanks do the built-in battery pack, external power supply is not required for the magnetization...

View 2020-11-24

Magnetic Lifter Battery Operated for Flat & Round Steel Parts

Radio remote control available. Electro permanent magnetic technology utilized, no power consume...

View 2020-11-24

Lifting Steel Profiles with HBEP Battery Powered Electro Permanent Magnets

Battery powered electro-permanent magnets for lifting profiles, enery saving and safety guarante...

View 2020-11-23

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