What Is An Electro Permanent Magnet?

An electro permanent magnet contains two kinds of magnetic materials, using electricity to actviate or deactivate its own magnet field. It combines the properties of a permanent magnet and the ease of control of an electromagnet.

What Are The Advantages of Electro Permanent Magnetic Products?

Higher Safety: Insusceptible to a sudden power failure/outage, the magnetic force remains during work. No dropping of a suspended load, workplace safety guaranteed.

Convenience: No battery back-up system is required.

Energy Saving: Only uses electricity for a few seconds during the MAG and DEMAG phases. No electrial power consumed during work. The electrical consumption is 95% less compared to a traditional electromagnet.

What Happens If An Electrical Power Failure Occurs?

For an electro permanent magnet, the magnetic force still remains in the event of a power failure, which is to say, in lifting or workholding applications, the ferrous load or workpiece, will stay lifted/clamped, no need to worry about the falling off. 

Moreover, the magnet cannot be deactivated until the electrical power is restored.

How About HVR MAG's Partnership With Customers?

HVR MAG has established longterm relationships with our customers worldwide, not only for current business, but also for developments in the long run. Each electro permanent magent we produced, we treat it as our child, and will track the running condition with its unique ID number when been delivered to our customers. We take good care of them and grow up together with them. You may find this a bit unreal. But if you choose HVR MAG, your experience will justify it.

How Is The Quality Guarantee System of HVR MAG?

Our engineering team is backed up by European professors.

Our quality management system is set up in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 standard.

Each product manafactured has to go though seriously material check and quality inspections before delivery.

How Is HVR MAG's Overseas After-Sales Service?

Some of HVR MAG's local agents can provide technical services.

Professional engineers can be delegated to provided installation assist.

Technical Window Consulting available at any time from HVR MAG.

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Get A Quotation?

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