Special Steel Magnetic Lifter – 500kg to 5000kg Hoist Magnets Customizable

2000kg permanent lifting electromagnet lifter - HVR MAG

Take a look at special steel magnetic lifter manufactured by HVR MAG. These electrically switched permanent magnets, are another type of hoist magnets, frequently used in industrial lifting and handling….

Considerations On Selection of Steel Plate Lifting Equipment for CNC Cutting System

How to load steel plate for cnc cutting system - battery lift magnets

There’re a lot of things to consider when choosing a proper steel plate lifting equipment, especially loading for cnc cutting in workshop, like the plate handling efficiency, how to ensure…

Electromagnetic Gripper for Robot Pick and Place of Round Bar

Electromagnetic gripper for robotic pick and place of round bar - HVR MAG

Electromagnetic gripper is a type of end effector mounted at the end of the robotic arm, that can catch and transfer steel parts or ferrous materials in automated assembly operations….

Collection of Magnetic Lifting Equipment for Plate Shearing/Cutting

Battery Powered Lifting Magnets System 6 Ton - HVR MAG

This article mainly centers around some typical concerns and problems that steel manufacturers have met in loading steel plate for shearing or cutting procedure, and a typical collection of magnetic…

Magnetic End Effector – A Must-Have for Robotic Pick and Place of Steel Parts

Magnetic end effector - a must-have for robotic pick and place of steel parts - HVR MAG

What Is A Magnetic End Effector? Magnetic end effector, also known as magnetic grippers or robot magnetic end-of-arm tool, is a must-have for robotic pick and place of steel parts,…

Inspection Procedures for Lifting Magnet Repair

Magnetic lifting of thick steel plate with hoisting crane - HVR MAG

During the daily use of lift magnets, there are some inspection procedures for operators to bear in mind for lifting magnet repair, which can steer you from some avoidable problems and…

Steel Plate Loading Solution for Cutting System – Stick with Magnetic Lifting Beam

9 Ton Steel Lifting Magnets for Laser/Plasma/Flame/Oxygen Cutting System - HVR MAG

Seeking for a proper steel plate loading solution for your cutting table? Lifting magnet manufacturer HVR MAG, would suggest you to stick with magnetic lifting beam, if you want to…

Summary on Applications of Electro Permanent Magnet Grippers in Robotics | HVR MAG

Here, we did a simple summary of the applications of HVR MAG’s electro permanent magnet grippers in robotics, to help you gain a direct view of this magnetic end effector…

Pick-and-Place Magnet – Robot Gripper Sorting Steel Cut Piece

Speedbot robot magnetic gripper in sorting line - HVR MAG

In industrial automation, pick-and-place magnet, or other wise referred to as magnetic end effector on robotic arm, provides smart and efficient accurate sorting, loading/unloading industrial steel materials or parts on…

Electro Permanent Magnets for Angle Section – Lift/Grip

Angle Iron Lift - Permanent Lifting Electromagnets | HVR MAG

In this article, we’re going to discuss how electro permanent magnets are used in angle section handling, including below the hook lifting and gripping in automation. What Is Angle Section?…