Steel Plate Magnetic Lifters Comparison: Permanent or Battery Powered?

Steel Plate Magnetic Lifters Comparison: Permanent or Battery Powered?

Steel plate handling in industrial settings often requires the use of specific lifters to enhance efficiency and safety. When it comes to magnetic lifters, two popular options are the Permanent Magnetic Lifter and the Battery Powered Magnetic Lifter. In this article, we will compare these two types of magnetic lifters.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Working Principle: A magnetic field generated by a permanent magnet material acts on the workpiece.

Magnetic Circuit Switching: To switch the magnetic circuit, the neodymium iron boron magnet system needs to be manually rotated by 90° or 180°. The larger the safe working load of the magnet, the harder it is to rotate.permanent magnetic lifter

Durability and Maintenance: This lifter has rotating components, requiring significant maintenance.

Magnetization and Demagnetization Time: 8-12 seconds.

Magnet Weight: Relatively light.

Initial Investment: Lower compared to the battery-powered lifter.

Magnetic Circuit Structure: It features a rectangular magnetic pole with a deep magnetic permeability depth and non-adjustable magnetic force.

Battery Powered Magnetic Lifters

Working Principle: The battery-powered magnetic lifter uses two permanent magnet materials to simultaneously act on the workpiece.

Magnetic Circuit Switching: By instantly energizing the electromagnetic coil, the aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets can be magnetized or demagnetized, allowing for the switching of the aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnetic field in both positive and negative directions. This switching can be done effortlessly through a control panel or remote control.battery powered electro permanent magnetic lifter

Durability and Maintenance: The permanent magnets do not decay, the magnetic force module requires no maintenance, ensuring durability and longevity with low repair costs. The electrical components of the controller have a long lifespan due to the short working time and low usage frequency.

Cycle Time for Magnetization and Demagnetization: 2-4 seconds

Magnet Weight: Relatively heavy.

Initial Investment: Higher compared to the permanent magnetic lifter.

Magnetic Circuit Structure: Features a chessboard-style magnetic pole with a moderate magnetic permeability depth and adjustable magnetic force.

How to Choose Magnetic Lifters?

In conclusion, the permanent magnetic lifters and the battery powered magnetic lifters are two distinct options for steel plate handling, each with its own set of strengths and considerations. When deciding between the two lifters, factors such as lifting capacity, operational efficiency, maintenance demands, and budget constraints should be carefully considered to determine the most suitable option for the specific steel plate handling requirements of the application. Both lifters have their advantages. For industrial magnetic lifting solution, consult HVR MAG at for customized suggestion.

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