Magnetic Crane – Magnet Crane, What & How About It

Magnetic Crane – Magnet Crane, What & How About It

We know that a regular crane requires a rigger to hook up material for moves on building houses and other buildings that a magnet will not work on because these materials are non-ferrous/not metal. So when it comes to ferrous materials handling, magnetic crane is necessary.

Magnet Crane - Junkyard Crane with Magnet - HVR MAG
Junkyard crane with a magnet

What Is Magnet Crane or Magnetic Crane?

Cranes with a magnet or magnet system on the hook working together, is what people calls magnetic crane. They operate using a magnetic field that is generated by an electric current passing through windings around the magnet. The magnet is turned on and off when needed by the electric current.

These cranes have a simple job: moving metals from one area to another. The magnet picks up metals, moves them to where they are supposed to go, and the magnet is cut off, releasing the metals.

How Does A Magnetic Crane Work?

A magnetic crane works by using a magnetic field that is created by an electrically switched current that can be turned off and on whenever it is necessary.

A Very powerful magnet used in cranes: could be electromagnets or electro-permanent magnet.

How to Make A Magnetic Crane?

Get a custom designed lifting magnet from a professional and experienced magnetic lifter manufacturer; equip the magnet system below the hook of overhead crane or on the hook of your moving crane.

Why Do Cranes In A Junkyard Have A Magnet At Their Hook?

The magnet on the hook of junkyard cranes is for use in a junk yard for moving and loading crap metal.

Lifting electromagnet for sorting steel scraps in junkyard - HVR MAG

Cranes using magnets lift and carry their cargo of varying weights of magnetic or ferrous based metals or objects, of course within the safe permissible limit, to the dropping point then release and place, pile or stack the cargo, as need be, when magnetic force is switched off by the operator of the crane.

How Can A Crane with A Magnet Be Used?

Just as mentioned in last question, magnet cranes can be used to handle and move metals like steel and iron. So they can be found mostly in recycling plants and scrap yards. They operate using a magnetic field that is formed by an electric current passing through windings around the magnet.

Lifting concrete forms with battery powered steel handling magnets on a boom lift crane, HVR MAG

Or, there are occasions that magnets be equipped on a boom lift crane, shown in the following picture. The specially designed and manufactured battery powered steel handling magnets by HVR MAG, were installed on the end of the boom beam, forming a gripper to pick up the steel concrete form from a forklift and transfer it together with the truck riding into the workshop, to finally place/position the steel form to a designated position.

How Can Magnet Be Used to Separate Junk in A Junkyard?

As ferrous materials approach the magnet, they are attracted upwards off the belt below. Friction in the upper conveyor moves the material away from the lower conveyor, but it drops away again as it is moved away from the magnet, over a dividing in plate and into another container or sometimes, another conveyor.

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