Magnet Lifter – Synonyms and Applications for Steel Material Parts

Magnet Lifter – Synonyms and Applications for Steel Material Parts

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Also called as several synonyms, like magnetic lifter, lifting magnet, magnet lifter is a type of magnetic lifting device that is used for a quick, safe and easy way to lift ferrous materials and work pieces.

Magnet lifter, in terms of magnetic properties, can be classified into 3 types: permanent magnet lifter, electromagnet lifter and permanent electromagnet lifter.

Permanent lifting magnets are mainly used to lift steel plates, blocks, press moulds etc. and load & unload in machines during handling operation. They can hoist moving iron blocks and other magnetic material. They are easy to operation and safe to handle and hence are widely used as lifting devices in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries. By using them, you can improve your working condition and increase your working efficiency.

Electromagnet lifter: also known as electromagnetic lifter or lifting electromagnet, it provides concentrated holding power and a Deep Penetrating Magnetic Field to lift thick, ferrous items, for example, bundled rebars, or beam blank profiles, multiple sheets, scraps, etc.

Permanent electromagnet lifting: has a permanent magnetic field, but when supplied with power, the magnetic field is neutralized. This type of electromagnets is used when the magnetic field is required to work. This type of magnet lifter is much more energy saving and safer than electromagnet lifter as the former consumes no power during lift. Electricity is only used in MAG and DEMAG phase. Besides, when in a sudden power failure, the load been lifted will not fall off as its magnetic force remains on.

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Magnet lifters are widely used in handling various industrial steel material parts, listed but not limited to the flowing:
1. Scrap iron.
2. Blooms, fashioned iron, and square billets.
3. Thick plates, such as slabs.
4. To lift and turnover slabs and steel plate.
6. Bundled screw-thread steel(rebar bundles) and rod coils, bundled steel pipe, and double-layer billets.
7. Roiled strips(steel coils).

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