Prevent Steel Plate from Damage or Deformation with Appropriate Lifting Devices

Prevent Steel Plate from Damage or Deformation with Appropriate Lifting Devices

When it comes to steel plate handling, unappropriate lifting devices may cause damage or deformation to steel plates, which can lead to potential safety hazard. In this article, we will compare three common lifting devices – lifting hooks, permanent lifting magnets, and electro permanent lifting magnets – to help you make an informed decision on the best option for handling steel plates safely.

Lifting HooksLifting Steel Plate with Hooks

Lifting hooks are among the most basic and widely used lifting devices. They are versatile and can be used with a variety of slings and lifting equipment. However, when it comes to handling steel plates, especially those that are not perfectly flat or have sharp edges, lifting hooks can pose a significant risk of damage. The edges of the steel plate can be easily damaged by the sharp edges of the lifting hook, and the force applied can cause deformation if the plate is not properly centered or supported.

Permanent Lifting Magnetspermanent lifting magnets for steel plate

These magnets have a deep magnetic depth, allowing them to securely lift and hold onto steel plates. They do not require an external power source and are relatively straightforward to use. However, their magnetic strength cannot be adjusted, which means they may not be suitable for lifting multiple plates at once. Additionally, when lifting two or more plates, there is a risk that the bottom plate could inadvertently fall off during the process, compromising safety. Furthermore, when multiple magnets are used to lift an uneven steel plate, the synchrony of the magnetic circuits can be adversely affected.

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnetselectro permanent lifting magnet for heavy steel plate

These magnets have a moderate magnetic depth, providing a secure grip on steel plates, and they can be adjusted to lift either a single plate or multiple plates as needed. This adjustability allows for greater control over the lifting process, reducing the risk of damage to the steel plate. The ability to control the magnetic strength also means that electro permanent lifting magnets can be used on plates of varying thicknesses and weights, making them a versatile and safe option.

Choose Appropriate Lifting Devices

When it comes to selecting the ideal lifting device that won’t damage steel plates, both permanent lifting magnets and electro permanent lifting magnets stand out as superior options compared to traditional lifting hooks. These magnetic lifting devices provide a secure grip on the steel plate without uniform magnetic force, minimizing the risk of scratches, dents, or surface damage. Additionally, the controlled magnetic field of electro permanent lifting magnets ensures a reliable and safe lifting operation, enhancing efficiency and safety in material handling processes. For more buying guide about steel plate lifting devices, consult HVR MAG at

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