120 Ton Magnetic Mold Clamping Plates on ENGEL Injection Molding Machine

The latest application of HVR MAG's magnetic mold clamping plates for quick mold change solution...

View 2021-06-02

Milling Machine Drilling Workpiece with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Milling machine drilling workpiece, using electro-permanent magnetic chuck to clamp workpiece....

View 2021-06-02

Horizontal Lathe Machining with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Horizontal lathe machine machining video, equipped with electro-permanent magnetic chuck manufac...

View 2021-06-02

CNC Vertical Lathe Machining with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck for CNC vertical lathe machining...

View 2021-06-02

Plane Surface Grinder Machining with Electro-permanent Magnetic Chucks

DYCM-10060 electro-permanent magnetic chucks for surface grinder...

View 2021-06-02

Automatic Transferring Corrugated Metal Panel with Magnetic End Effector

Magnetic end effector transferring corrugated metal panel automatically....

View 2021-06-02

YIZUMI Injection Molding Process with Magnetic Mold Clamping System

Injection molding process of YIZUMI injection molding machine, equipped with magnetic mold clamp...

View 2021-06-02

Manipulator Arm Unloading for Steel Plate Leveling with Magnetic Lifter

Manipulator unloading steel plate for leveling machine, with customized magnetic lifter by HVR M...

View 2021-06-02

Unloading Steel Sheet Cut Pieces In One Move with Lifting Magnets System

A unique way to unload steel sheet cut pieces in one move with lifting magnets system...

View 2021-06-02

Unloading Cut Steel Slab with Battery Operated Lifting Magnet

Instead of manpower handling, battery operated lifting magnet is a good choice for the moving jo...

View 2021-06-02

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