Electromagnetic Robot Gripper Loading & Unloading for Metal Shearing Process

Let's see how electromagnetic robot gripper facilitates loading & unloading for metal shearing p...

View 2021-06-01

Magnetic Gripper on Gantry Robot Palletizing 7 Steel Tubes

2 rectangular magnetic grippers, installed on the end of the arm of gantry robot, handling 7 sma...

View 2021-06-01

Vertical Steel Plate Lifter Magnetic Lifting Clamps - Lifting Magnets

HM4 Series Vertical Plate Lifting Magnets are ideal handling solutions for lifting steel plates/...

View 2021-06-01

Lifting Hot Rolled Steel Wire Rods with Electromagnets - Electric Lifting Magnet

load hot rolled steel wire rods safely and efficiently onto freight train...

View 2021-06-01

Battery Powered Lifting Magnet, Trial Lift of A Steel Slab in HVR MAG Factory

Battery powered lifting magnet is activated by a short electrical pulse while the effective powe...

View 2021-06-01

Magnetic Grippers on Robotic Gantry System Handling Steel Tube in Row

Magnetic Grippers integrated on Robots, can pick up, lift, load, place, transfer of ferrous part...

View 2021-06-01

Magnetic Grippers Used on Robots for Machine Tending

Robotic machine tending, with magnetic gripper, can provide manipulation and transport capabilit...

View 2021-06-01

Magnetic Grippers for Gantry Robot in Automated Steel Material Handling

Magnetic gripper for gantry robot can stack or palletize ferromagnetic products in a more effici...

View 2020-11-24

Loading Single Steel Plate onto Plasma Cutting Table with Lifting Magnets

Precision lifting, no clingy to the next plate. No power consumed during the lift. Only needs el...

View 2020-11-24

Magnetic Grippers for Industrial Robots in Automation - HVR MAG

Magnetic gripper is a transfer device that can instantly catch magnetic substances by a strong e...

View 2020-11-24

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