Loading & Palletizing Track Plates for Machine Tending with EPMagnet Gripper

Robotic palletizer for track plates, as shown below, is a typical incorporation of electro permanent magnet gripper on industrial robotic arm to hold or move ferrous parts for machine tending.

Handling requirement: loading track plate onto the punching table; unload & palletize it afterwards
Previously used: mechanical gripper; Poor reliability; Failed to meet customer's requirement of handling efficiency

Magnetic gripping solution provided by HVR MAG
●Custom engineered electro permanent magnet gripper
●Simple & practical design
●Strong magnetic gripping force yet without clinging to the second piece
●Can perform a pick & place cycle within 5 seconds

Benifits gained with electro permanent magnet gripper:
▶Drastically reduced cycle time
▶Reliable handling - gripping force maintained in event of power loss
▶Energy-saving - no electric power required during gripping - energization only when magnetizing/demagnetizing.

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