Hand-Crank Telescopic Beam with Lift Magnets

To solve the problem that many steel mills or steel structures encountered in handling steel plates of different lengths for cutting line, HVR MAG developed a new type of magnetic lifting system - hand-crank telescopic beam with lift magnets to load steel plate of different sizes & unload cut parts.

As you can tell from the pictures, the safe working load, or lifting capacity of this telescopic magnetic lifting system is 1 ton.
The magnetic lifters, symmetrically distributed under the beam, are designed in a slim & rectangular shape, to avoid deflections of sheets during the lift.

This unique designed hand-crank telescopic beam with lift magnets, can be stretched or retracted by the hand-crank on it. To lift/load short steel sheets, you can retract it; to handle longer sheets, you can stretch it.

HVR MAG can design and manufacturer hand-crank telescopic beam with lift magnets, in strict accordance with the specifications of your steel plates. One set of lifting magnet system, suffice all your steel plate handling requirements.

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