Magnetic lifter sends the steel plates into the cutting machine for processing

The customer previously used clamps for material handling; now, they are choosing a new lifting device- an electro-permanent magnetic lifter.

The main drawbacks of steel plate clamps are as follows.

1. low efficiency

because it requires manual plate separation, moving the clamp, adjusting the position, and so on steps, the loading time is extended, which is not very suitable for lifting time requirements.

2. High labor intensity

the steel plate clamp lifting needs to be manually divided first, then put and adjusted four clamps into the plates. It requires workers to readjust the position of the clamps.

3. high failure rate of steel plate clamp

It needs to be replaced regularly, and it is easy to cause safety accidents if not replaced in time.

4. high safety hazards

Because the clamp damage problem or clamp gripping position is not good, it will produce an excellent safety risk of falling steel plate.

After lifting, there are strangulation marks on the surface of the steel plate, and there is some damage to the surface quality of the steel plate.

Model: HM1-040A0204-1 Rated lifting capacity: 4 tonnes
Used for cutting machines, loading, and transporting 6000-8000×1250-2000×5-20mm steel plate single lifting, one lifting one sheet at a time, not sticking to the next sheet

This lifter is the fifth set of our electro-permanent magnetic lifter purchased by the customer, and they are delighted with our products, which are mainly reflected in the following.

1. High efficiency

the whole lifting process only requires lifter drop, pre-magnetization, single sheet lifting off the ground, strong magnetization, and transport to the cutting table, which saves at least 50% of the time compared with the previous steel plate clamp.

2. Labor-saving

the customized lifter is a double hook structure. The whole lifting process can be operated by a single person remotely and wirelessly. No need to manually divide the plate. The lifter ensures that only one sheet is lifted at a time; without manual high-intensity work, a single person can efficiently operate.

3. High reliability

the electro-permanent magnetic lifter is only in the charging and demagnetizing moment with electricity; when working without electricity, the lifter has no heating situation.

The reliability is very high, and the customer who bought the first set of lifters also has 2-3 years, is still working well. Moreover, the lifter does not require any follow-up maintenance, only regular inspection, cleaning of the magnet adsorption surface and chain, and unloading the buckle.

The lifter is designed with a safety factor of at least four times the rated lifting force, fully meeting the safe lifting requirements. The lifter only uses electricity at the moment of demagnetization, but not when working to meet the needs of safe lifting.

During the lifting process, there are no scratches or strangulation marks on the surface of the steel plate's adsorption surface, meeting the customer's high-quality production requirements.

HVR is always here for our customers, to meet different requirements. if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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