Magnetic grippers on gantry robot for steel plates fixing and welding

With its strong magnetic force, the automated electro-permanent magnet can not only carry workpieces such as steel plates, strip coils and billets, it can also be used as a fixed clamping device for the clamping of workpieces in industrial production, e.g. for welding fixing. Today, HVR is sharing a practical example of an automated electro-permanent magnet used by an industrial robot to handle welded parts for loading and unloading and welding fixing.

As shown in the picture below, our customer is a container manufacturer, which previously used ordinary manual welding jigs and pressure plates for processing. given that manual welding is labour-intensive and time-consuming, while the pressure plate is easy to deform the workpiece when fixing the parts, and the fixing is not firm, which seriously affects the effect of container welding and production efficiency.

In order to completely solve this problem, the customer decided to transform the entire production line into an automated welding line. From the loading and unloading of the welding process to the welding and fixing of the workpiece, the entire process is completed using industrial robots and automated electro-permanent magnets.

Model: HEPMP-6111P45X12-X electro-permanent magnet gripper carries the work pieces for loading the welding tool consists of several HEPMP-120P45X12-XS electro-permanent magnets.
-More convenient to clamp -No damage to the surface of handling parts -More stable welding process -Reduced accidents and labour costs

The customer is satisfied with the installment of magnetic grippers on gantry robots.

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