Unloading steel plates from the truck with a lifting magnets system

In heavy industries,electro-permanent magnetic lifters are used in handling production lines to load and unload, carry and palletize materials.

They offer a faster and safer completion of various high-intensity and dangerous work, making the whole production process safer, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and improving production efficiency.

The following is a case of the application of the electro-permanent magnetic lifter designed and produced by HVR.

Model: HEPMP-5000P50 Used to lift 8-150mmX6-12mX1.8-2.5m single sheet steel Unloading use and stacking storage

1, the lifter is highly compatible and adaptable to the plate thickness from 8-150mm single sheet steel handling without sticking. And they can ensure the order of the steel plate stacking (steel plate all comes with its own number) when loading and cutting need to follow the number.

2, the steel plate surface is not scratched by the electro-permanent magnet lifter, which does not affect the processing of the following process, the magnet body, and the contact part on the beam are chamfered without any sharp surface.

3, the controller part adopts wireless remote control operation; driving the crane and handling the steel plate work can be completed by only one person in the crane cab, reducing labor costs and labor intensity.

The customer used a steel plate clamp and steel wire rope for handling. The steel plate clamp easily scratches the surface of the steel plate, affecting the customer's delivery. Steel wire rope handling, the steel plate edge will appear rolled edge, and the steel wire rope has the corresponding safety hidden danger problem. The single row of long strip arrangement can effectively overcome winding deformation when lifting thin plates. The chain and spring structure between the magnet and the beam can solve the problem of height difference when placing the plates in a limited way.

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