Car machining: Fully automated cooperation of magnetic grippers for welding

Magnetic grippers are widely used in car machining and do well in that industry.

The following case will show you the application:

2 sets of HEPMP-300P30 and 4 sets of round magnets One of the robots is equipped with a magnet as a substrate. And the other is a gripping robot, which grips the workpiece and teams up in the air for welding.

The handling is smooth and safe. Once a substrate is fixed, another robot can grab the workpiece and team weld it, and the robot can switch angles to different weld sides to achieve spot and burn-in welding of most of the auxiliary parts in one positioning.

The workstation takes up very little space when in use and, together with the plant's three-dimensional warehouse, AGV trolleys, and other feeding processes, enables the rapid production of small batches and multiple types of workpieces.

It reduces the number of jigs and fixtures on site, improves the overall efficiency of the site, and has a straightforward and practical layout.

Various workpieces can be individually adsorbed without sticking after sound technical processing, solving the big problem of workpiece loading.

Our magnetic grippers have played a significant role in processing, and the customer is delighted with it and will promote it subsequently.

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