Loading and unloading steel plates in BYD factories

The BYD factories needed to increase the utilization rate of their steel plate handling systems. HVR magnetic lifter allows full-size lifting plates onto the cutting table and the cut pieces and scraps off the table with one lift.

The customer used steel pliers to lift the steel plates, but they found the following questions:

1. the deformation of the steel plates

2. there are scratches on the edge parts after mixing that affect the subsequent processing

3. High labor intensity

4. Safety hazards

HVR recommends electro-permanent magnetic lifters for their steel plate handling. Model: HM1-110A0211-01 The handling size: up to 18m*2-2.5m*(10-30)mm The handling weight: up to 11 ton
Increased output: Emptying the cutting table quickly increases the running time of the cutting machine. The operator no longer needs to lift and sort individual pieces and can operate other complex tasks. Flexible handling: The magnetic lifter can handle various steel plates, from significant to small, normal to irregular.

HVR-developed magnets combine with high lifting capacity and large grip area while being lightweight to maximize payloads. Are you in need of magnets for the industry? HVR serves various industries, and we have suitable lifting magnets for you. Contact us today for all of your material handling needs.


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