Electro-permanent magnetic chuck|the boring of excavator rocker arms

The cases illustrate the use of magnetic chuck in the boring of excavator rocker arms.

The customer previously used an ordinary horizontal milling machine with vises and platen to process.

1 Manual clamping, slow positioning, high labor intensity, and low efficiency

2 The machine tool is unstable due to defects such as height difference formed by welding deformation of the workpiece

3 Inevitably, the workpiece surface will be scratched when the workpiece is clamped in the vise and platen, and the clamping force will cause deformation of the workpiece.

HVR gave him a suitable solution to solve these problems:

Each horizontal machining center is equipped with HMC1-035035A-2 electro-permanent magnetic chucks and 21 elastic magnetic blocks with a floating capacity of 15 mm.
The electro-permanent magnetic chucks are mainly used for boring the rocker arms of excavators. The combination of 3 units can be applied to processing products of different lengths.

The feedback from our customer:

1. effectively overcome the processing vibration generated by the original process, making the production process more stable and reducing the product defect rate.

2. Significantly improves production efficiency. Instead of boring 1 hole at a time, 3 holes can be bored simultaneously, increasing production capacity by more than 3 times compared to the original process.

3. Significant reduction in product failure rate.

4. Reduced labor costs; 1 person can simultaneously look after 3 milling machines.

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