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Steel Plate Lifting Magnets

Remote controlled magnetic lifting device for sheet metal handling.

HVR MAG, magnetic lifting solution provider, can custom design & manufacture steel lifting magnets for thick plate, thin sheet, vertical plate lifting, or metal sheet cutting system in steel industries. Two or multiple magnetic lifters attached to a beam/spreader bar, hoisted by a crane, adapt themselves to the bend or deflection of sheets.

For areas or places where power supply cable is restricted, we recommend battery operated lift magnets system.

Are You Still Using Conventional Hooks/Clamps to Lift Plates?

Disadvantages of Plate Hooks

Plate damage

plates/sheets are prone to scratches, dents, deformations

Safety hazard

occasionally slipping plate

High labor intensity

2-3 workers were occupied to cooperate the handling process

Low handling efficiency

manual separation of sheet from the stack is required to fixate the sheet each time before lifting

Advantages of Plate Lifting Magnets

Scratch-free Handling

Uniformly distributed magnetic lifting force circumvents possible scratches and marks caused by hooks

Superior Safety

The suspended plate will NOT FALL OFF even in a sudden power failure, as these plate lifting magnets can still remain holding.

Reduced Labor Intensity

With remote control, only one worker is required to operate, sparing the trouble of manual separation of plates, compared with plate lifting clamps.

Improved Handling Efficiency

This magnetic lifting device once magnetized successfully, can pick up the plate in a second, with ZERO power consumption during the lift.

Magnetic Sheet Metal Lifting Systems

What We Offer?

Why Choose HVR MAG?

● R & D team with 18 years of industry experience
● ISO 9001:2015, TUV CE certification
● Strict input material inspections and overall inspection before shipping
● National high-tech enterprise with 5 invention patents & 29 utility model patents

✦ All our magnetic sheet metal lifting magnets are specially engineered in accordance with client's specific requirements to MAXIMIZE their plate handling efficiency.

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20 Ton Telescopic Magnetic Lifting Beam Loading Steel Plate of Different Sizes for Cutting Table

20 Ton Telescopic Magnetic Lifting Beam Loading Steel Plate of Different Sizes for Cutting Table

20 ton lifting magnets system with a telescopic beam, below the hook of an overhead crane, allows for selective control of magnet modules, to adapt to different size of plates. One set of magnetic liftingsystem suffice all your plate handling needs.

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