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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet Test - Magnetic Property Demonstration

May 27,2021

Today we'll be sharing a demonstrating video of magnetic property of electro permanent magnet, centering around a lifting magnet test experiment conducted yesterday by HVR MAG's employees.

Due to the property of electro-permanent magnetic technology, as you can see, the magnetic lifter in this video, can remain holding of the load(steel piece) even when being disconnected with power abruptly.

This lifting magnet test indicates that electro-permanent magnetic lifting system, once magnetized successfully, does not consume any power during the lifting process; its magnetic attraction force still remains in a sudden power loss. This magnetic property is extremely important for steel lifting operations, especially for handling large & heavy steel plate or material in workshop. Lifting safety is the top priority, which demands the magnetic lifting device to have superior performance on safety.

What we can also summerise from this lifting magnet test is, that EPM lifting system is more energy efficient than electric lifting, the latter dependant on constant power supply. Learn more about electro-permanent magnetic lifting technology and its applications in industries, feel free to navigate through our website.

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