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HVR MAG's Innovation on Magnetic Lifting Technology - Battery Operated Lift Magnets

Jun 21,2021
HVR MAG's innovation on magnetic lifting technology, remote controlled battery operated lift magnets, breaks the limitation of power supply cord to steel manufacturer's plate handling process.

Below is the application of our magnetic lifting technology applied in a steel factory's plate level-ling process. This 6 ton magnetic plate lifter is equipped with radio remote control, which only requires on worker to operate, including lifting up the plate, transferring it to the levelling machine and releasing the plate.

The integrated rechargeable battery group on the beam, enables this magnetic lifting device to be used in areas where no electric power supply is available, and can also to be used in combination with e.g. a forklift possible.

Without the cord restriction, it can move together with the overhead crane freely. Combining the safety of permanent magnets with strong magnetic lifting force, magnetic lifting technology can be extremely versatile, with widespread application in industrial heavy lifting of plates, profiles, etc.
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