Why Replace Plate Lifting Clamps with Plate Handling Magnets?

Conventional lifting devices are loosing their edge for plate handling, and gradually being replaced by a more efficient and convenient way of material handling equipment - plate handling magnets.

In an automobile manufacturing factory of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Shenzhen, sheet metals piled in stack, need to be picked/lifted up and transported onto and unload it off cutting machine table, where cutting process will be performed.

HM3 Series Plate Handling Magnets System Characteristics: Lifting capacity: 2 ton; Quantity of magnet modules: 10; Status lamp for real-time indication of the working status of magnet system; With radio remote control; For single plate handling
Steel Plate Specifications: Thickness: 2-10mm; Width: 1.5-2m; Length: 6m

Why did they need to replace plate lifting clamps?
  1. Safety Hazard - plate clamps does not meet relevant regulations of safety production. This factory was once been required by local government department for rectification.
  2. Sheet Damages - Scratches on the surface of sheet metal after handling, affect the next production process
Why choose HVR MAG over other lifting magnet manufacturer?
  1. Superior Safety with unique magnetic clamping technology - electro permanent magnetic force will not be diminished and can remain holding of plate even in a sudden power failure.
  2. Lifting capacity and spreader beam structure are custom-built to best fit client’s steel handling requirements.
  3. Selective control of magnet modules make this magnetic lifting system more versatile - suitable for sheet metals in different lengths.
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