Lifting Electromagnet for Extra-Long Steel Plate Handling in BYD

One set of lifting electromagnet had been put into use in a steel structure factory of BYD in Shanwei, Guangdong Province. This electromagnetic lifting device was designed to replace previously used mechanical devices - plate lifting clamps by the factory, which manufactures steel plates of various sizes and requires frequent handling of them.

Steel plate characteristics: Maximum length of plate: 18m; Plate width: 2-2.5m; Plate thickness: 10-30mm; Plate temperature: within 80℃; Weight of single plate: within 11 tons
Lifting electromagnet specifications: Magnetic beam length: 15m; Magnet distribution: 11 sets of electro-permanent magnets, equipped in rows; Lifting capacity: 11 tons; For single plate handling, below the hook of an overhead crane

Before contacting us, they're using mechanical devices like plate lifting clamps, which is inefficient for the job due to the following reasons:

l Long plates tend to bend or deform when being lifted, which leads to potential safety hazard;

l The parts been clamped by lifting clamps are prone to scratches;

l Several workers are needed to assist in handling when plate clamps are used, and this means a lot of labor work.

Why did they choose HVR MAG lifting electromagnet?

l The symmetrically distributed magnets can provide stable & uniform clamping force on the plate, which effectively eliminates deflections and deformations of the plate, and avoid scratches to the plate;

l The remote controllable electric lifting magnet electromagnet requires only one worker, freeing up manpower and improving plate handling efficiency;

l Another highlight of this electric lifting magnet is that, the 11 sets of magnets can be SELECTIVELY MAGNETIZED to pick up/lift steel plate in different lengths. This saves a lot of time and costs for the change of different lifting magnets or lifting devices. One set of magnetic lifting device, fits all their plate handling requirements.

Lifting Electromagnet Manufacturer
HVR MAG focuses on the R&D of electro-permanent magnetic technology and offers versatile magnetic solutions for various industrial applications, including lifting magnets, magnetic mold clamping systems, workholding magnetic chucks, magnetic grippers for robots.

Featured with Higher Safety and Energy Saving, all our magnetic products and systems are custom designed by our engineers through mutual communications with clients, to best fit their lifting needs and requirements. Contact us for more information.

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