How to Load Long & Heavy Steel Plate for Cutting Table Safely and Efficiently?

How to load long and heavy steel plates, weighing over ten tons, onto the cutting table in a steel manufacturing workshop? Metal lifting magnet, elastically suspended on a telescoping spreader bar, is a good recommendation for you. And below is why.

Challenge: The steel plates are in different size and weight Long and heavy plates weighing over 10 tons Loading with plate lifting clamps might lead to slipping plate during the transfer Tremendous safety hazard
HVR MAG's lifting solution: 20 ton metal lifting magnet with a telescopic beam, below the hook of an overhead crane.

SWL 20 ton stands for: safe working load being 20 ton.

Benefits Gained with this set of metal lifting magnet system:

What's more, they are much more energy saving when compared with lifting electromagnet, as they barely consume electricity - only need it in MAG and DEMAG phases, but consume NONE during the lift.

Visit our case section to find out more applications of our metal lifting magnet in different industries.

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