Heavy Lifting Magnets Loading Corrugated Metal Panel for Welding

Are you looking for the right lifting device for metal panels? Below is an application of HVR MAG's heavy lifting magnets loading corrugated metal panel for welding on a gantry robot system in automation.

CLIENT: A manufacturing workshop, needs to load corrugated metal panel onto the welding table
PROBLEM: Lifting with ropes and slings resulted in low efficiency; Whereas lifting corrugated panel with vacuum lifters may slip due to the corrugated surface.

HVR MAG's Solution: specially engineered heavy lifting magnets, equipped on the end of the gantry robot arm.

Heavy lifting magnets system design: 12 electro permanent magnets, scattered in 4 rows, 3 in each row; elastically suspended on a spreader beam, for the pick and place of corrugated panel.

HVR MAG's Advantage over other lifting devices:

We provide custom-made heavy lifting magnets system, to handle ferrous material parts in various occasions and industries. Learn more about our metal lifting magnet, please visit our website.

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