Magnet Palletizer - Loading/Unloading Steel Angle for Combined Machine Tool

In automation, electro permanent magnets can be used as magnetic gripper or magnet palletizer on the end of the arm of robots, including gantry. Below is another application of HVR MAG's magnetic palletizer loading/unloading unevenly shaped steel angle for combined machine tool.

Application scenario: loading steel angle onto the conveyor (depalletizing) for further machining; unloading the machined steel angle part off the conveyor (palletizing).
Steel angel weight: about 300kg

Problem: manual handling (6 workers using straps to load/unload), means lower efficiency, higher labor costs, hidden safety hazards during the handling process.

HVR MAG's Solution: 2 custom-made u-shape magnets equipped on the end of the arm of gantry robot, one as magnet palletizer for unloading, the other as magnet depalletizer for loading.

Advantages of Magnet Palletizer:
1. Significantly improved production efficiency (from 6-person manual operation to automated operation).
2. Eliminated potential safety hazards during the loading/unloading process.
3. Barely no maintenance cost.

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