EOAT - Magnetic Gripper on Gantry Robot Handling Irregular Carriage Board

Below is another application of HVR MAG's eoat - magnetic gripper, handling irregular carriage board on a gantry robot system in automation.

WHO: an intelligent automobile manufacturing factory in ChengDu, Sichuan Province


Lifting with ropes and slings resulted in low efficiency;

The irregular carriage board is gravity biased with sharp borders and edges, which poses safety hazard to personnel.

Load specification: Length: 6-10m; Thickness: 4-10mm; Width: irregular
Replacement for: ropes and slings

HVR MAG's Solution: specially engineered eoat - magnetic gripper, equipped on the end of the gantry robot arm.
Magnetic gripper design: 12 electro permanent magnets elastically suspended on a spreader beam, for the pick and place of gravity biased, irregular carriage board.

HVR MAG's Advantage over slings:

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