Electro-permanent Magnet for Ferro-Metal Handling

Check how electro-permanent magnets for Ferro metal handling are applied to steel structures, co...

View 2022-08-03

Electro Permanent Magnets for Intelligent Manufacturing

Another batch of custom designed electro permanent magnets from HVR MAG, will come into play in ...

View 2021-08-24

HVR MAG at Chinaplas 2021 (ShenZhen)

2021 Chinaplas (ShenZhen) Exhibition Center HVR MAG at Booth 12S01...

View 2021-06-02

Inside Look: HVR MAG Daily Production

As a leading manufacturer of magnetic mold clamping systems in China, HVR MAG has certain work p...

View 2020-11-24

Electro Permanent Magnet Expert - HVR MAG

HVR MAG is an electro-permanent magnet manufacturer. We are one of the leading brands in China....

View 2020-11-24

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