Inside Look: HVR MAG Daily Production

Nov 24,2020

As a leading manufacturer of electro-permanent magnetic solutions in China, HVR MAG has certain work principles and strict work requirements. Let's take an inside look at the factory today.

We have 2 workshops of our own. When the metal materials come, the inspector checks the quality. Then the metals are to be fabricated to different parts of our magnetic product, including housings, platens, magnet surfaces, etc. We have 4 lines of product altogether, which are lifting magnets (mainly made in one of our workshops) for ferrous material loading or unloading, magnetic mold clamping systems for injection molding machines, magnetic grippers for industrial automation, and magnetic chucks for workholding of lathes, grinding machines, or precision machining centers. The later 3 are mainly manufactured in the other workshop.

Having obtained 6 invention patents, and never stops research and development, HVR MAG has provided services to thousands of customers all over the world. And if you become our customer, we hope it will be a happy experience for both. For any of our magnetic product, contact us at: export@hvrmagnet.com

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