Electro-permanent Magnet for Ferro-Metal Handling

Aug 03,2022

For Ferro metal handling, lifting, carrying, fixing, sorting, and palletizing, you'll find magnets at HVR MAG very helpful. This 35-ton lifting magnet with high-cost efficiency is for steel plate handling. It is tailor-made for forklift use on the port.
Would you spend much money on such a lifting solution? Well, we think it is worth taking it seriously. At least see what it got first. You'll find it highly cost-effective.

As is shown in the video, it has 4 big advantages:
* Battery-powered lifting magnet for outdoor use on the port, no need for cable connection. 2600 cycles with a full charge. With a self-contained DC charging pile.
* Powerful lifting capacity of 35 tons, and tear-off force of up to 105 tons.
* Telescopic lifting beam with 3 meters extension, compatible with more sizes of steel plates.
* Can lift multiple plates at a time, while releasing them one by one.

This magnet is a great example of maximizing customer satisfaction and benefits by HVR MAG.
The HVR magnetic lifter is applicable for various industries: structural fabrication, construction machinery, metalworking, shipbuilding, wind power equipment, warehousing, port, etc.

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