5000Kg Vertical Lifting Magnet for Steel Coil

Today let’s have a look at a steel coil vertical lifting magnet we just delivered last month, the newly customized electro permanent magnetic lifter to transfer steel coils with a maximum lifting capacity of 5000kg.
The steel coil handling equipment is specially customized for a construction steel processing factory to vertically carry steel coils with an outer diameter of 950-1300mm, an inner diameter of 500-600mm, a height of 1000-1600mmand a maximum weight of 5000kg.

For a long time, lifting clamps are widely used in steel processing plants to handling steel coils because of their low cost and easy maintenance. But their shortcomings also stand out:

1.Need manual positioning. High labor cost and low work efficiency.
2.Easy to cause damage to steel coils.

3.Have limitations for stack space and the lifting order.

However, our new vertical lifting magnet can provide the perfect solutions to solve all these problems.

1.No manual positioning, only need remote control operation, safe and efficient
2. Absorbs the end face of the coil and does not touch the surface of the coil, so there is no damage to the surface of the coil.

3.no need to reserve a lot of space. Large steel coils can even be next to each other.

After using our lifting magnet, the same warehouse area can pile up more coils.
The customers are very satisfied with this Steel coil vertical lifting magnet.

If you also have the needs to carry steel coils, please feel free to contact us!

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