Sheet Metal Lifting Device - Vacuum Lifter VS Lifting Magnets

Various lifting devices are employed in modern manufacturing industry to lift sheet metals, among which vacuum lifter and lifting magnets are the most commonly used types of steel material handling equipment. Sometimes these two can replace each other. Whereas in some certain applications, they cannot.

A client who specializes in casting cement wall panels in Beijing, got in touch with us for an improved lifting system for their production process. Given that their processing line requires loading 6mm single sheet metal to the next casting procedure, and unloading the sheet by demoulding it from a casted cement wall panel, HVR MAG presented this specially engineered magnetic lifting solution for sheet metal handling - a handling system composed of 6 HEPMP-1510P50 lifting magnets.
Magnet parameters:

Disadvantages of previous vacuum lifting system - 6 vacuum cups Insufficient lifting force; Difficult to demould sheet metal from casted cement wall panel; Residual cement on the steel plate is highly corrosive and can cause friction to the vacuum cups; Subsequent maintenance cost is high - increased hidden costs; Resulting in a relatively high reject ratio of products; Number of casted wall panels produced per day per machine: ONLY 50.
Advantages of improved magnetic lifting system: 6 lifting magnets Strenghthened lifting force makes demolding sheet from casted wall panel easier than by vacuum cups or other lifting equipment; Reduced equipment maintenance costs - waterproof & corrosion-resistant magnets require barely no maintenance; Productivity significantly improved - number of casted wall panels produced per day per machine: 80~90; Lowered reject ratio down to nearly zero; Improveed not only panel quality & consistency but also the efficiency of the production process itself.

Based on above mentioned, we can see that for simply loading of sheets, either lifting clamps, vacuum cups or lifting magnets can do the job. But when it comes to the unloading sheet metal by demoulding it from casted wall panel, lifting magnets hold an outstanding competitive edge over other lifting devices. For more lifting applications of our magnets, welcome to visit our case session.

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