Magnetic Gripper on Manipulator Arm Transferring Iron Case

For steel material handling like sheets, plates, cut parts, etc., both vacuum suction cups and magnetic gripper can be used as end effector, in conjunction with a robot arm or manipulator arm. Each has its own pros and cons. Choosing the right robot end-of-arm tool plays an vital role in enhancing the overall material handling efficiency and productivity.

Our client in Dalian, inquired us about end-of-arm magnets (some called magnetic grippers) to pick up and transfer iron cases and semi-finished parts. The critical part is that the iron cases to be handled are all wrapped outside with plastic film packing, to protecting them from scratches and dirt. In that case, lifting with vacuum cups is not a feasible solution for the job as the attraction force are greatly decreased by the plastic membrane, whereas lifting with magnets can.
With the specifications our client provided (Length*Width*Thickness: 1100mm×700mm×1.1mm; Maximum weight of load: 15KG), HVR MAG engineers came up with a solution with 2 small magnets equipped on the end of the manipulator arm.

The gripping force generated by magnetic gripper can pick up the iron case immediately and can remain holding even in the event of a power failure - due to the electro-permanent magnetic modules inside.

Before using the magnetic grippers custom designed by HVR MAG, the iron cases were all handled by man power, which increased a lot of labor costs with low handling efficiency. After our magnetic end effector being put in use with manipulator arms, operators in workshop can be liberated from high-intensity labor works to do other staff, and be kept away from possible injuries and accidents.

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