Steel Sheet Lifting Equipment for Laser Cutting Table

There are many different choices of steel sheet lifting equipment, like plate hooks, plate clamps, straps, and manual lift magnets. However, none of those is suitable for loading long & thin steel sheet onto laser cutting table, as the long sheet tends to bend or tilt during transition.

Here, we'll introduce a new type of steel sheet lifting equipment - magnetic lifting beam. It's specially designed and manufactured by HVR MAG, to do the sheet loading and unloading job before or after the laser cutting procedure.

This steel sheet lifting equipment consists of 12pcs electro-permanent lift magnets, symmetrically hung on each side of the beam, below the hook of overhead crane. Also referred to as overhead crane lifting magnets.
Magnet model: HEPMP-150P30B; Rated lifting force for each magnet: 150kg; Safe Working Load(SWL): 1.8 ton; Steel sheet dimension: 6000×2000×1.5-6mm

Advantages of this steel sheet lifting equipment over others:
  1. Multi-point magnetic lifting force circumvent the deflection and scratches of the sheet that might occur during the lifting process.
  2. With radio remote controller: only one worker required to perform the whole handling process.
  3. No energy consumption during lift
  4. Can remain holding of the sheet even in a sudden power loss

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