Industrial Lift Magnets VS Plate Lifting Hooks in Handling Single Long Sheet Steel

In automobile manufacturing industry, sheets steel, especially the long and thin ones, are often processed in different procedures, which involves the loading & unloading of them before and after processing. And that's there industrial lift magnets come into play.

Below is the latest application of magnetic lifting beam manufactured by HVR MAG in a sheet processing workshop.
Specifications of sheet steel to be handled: Length: 13m; Width: 1.2-1.5m; Thickness: 1.6-2mm; Maximum weight of single sheet: 306kg

Previously used lifting device: plate lifting hooks

Disadvantages of plate hooks: hooks can easily scratch the surface of sheet; manual separation of sheet from the stack is required to fixate the sheet each time before lifting.

HVR MAG's tailor-made magnetic lifting solution: 24pcs industrial lift magnets mounted on spreader beam.

Magnet model: HEPMP-3811P45X12
Magnet type: electrically switched permanent magnet
Rated lifting force for each magnet: 250KG
Working voltage: DC 160V
Length of the beam: 11.8m

First, industrial lift magnets pick up one single sheet steel from the stack, and transfer it to the conveyor belt for the next bending procedure; then unload the corrugated sheet steel (after being bent into) off the conveyor and place it to the designated position.

Advantages of industrial lift magnets:
1.Spare the need of manual separation of sheet before lifting, once been magnetized, can instantly pick up the sheet by magnetic force
2.Precision single sheet lifting without clinging to the second sheet
3.Uniformly distributed magnetic lifting force circumvents possible scratches and marks caused by hooks
4.Very little energy consumption compared with lifting hooks - consumes no energy during the lift; only needs electricity in MAG and DEMAG phase
5.In the event of an abrupt power loss, the lifted sheet will not fall off to cause any damage or injury as the magnetic force of industrial lift magnets still remain.

As an expert on electro-permanent magnetic technology for 20 years, HVR MAG accepts customized order of industrial lift magnets and other magnetic products upon client's request, to help get the most of your steel material handling efficiency and overall manufacturing productivity.

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