Electro-permanent Magnet on Manipulator Arm Unloading for Steel Plate Leveling

In industrial automation, manipulator arm is frequently used to manipulate materials without direct physical contact by the operator. Below is a demonstration of manipulator unloading steel plate for leveling machine, with customized electro-permanent magnet by HVR MAG.

As you can see, the plate is square shaped. The modified manipulator is equipped with a custom-made electro-permanent magnet, namely the round yellow magnet part contacting with the plate.
Working as a magnetic lifter or magnetic gripper, whatever you call them, electro-permanent magnetic technology does not consume any power in lifting sate. Moreover, it can remain holding of the plate even in a sudden power cut.

Magnetic force, or lifting capacity, size, shape of electro-permanent magnet can be specially designed and engineered by HVR MAG's professional team. Not only in lifting, it is widely used also in mold clamping, machining workholding and as robotic arm gripper in industrial automation. Contact us to get a quote.

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