Steel Plate & Sheet Loading and Unloading on Cutting Machine Working Tables

HVR MAG magnetic beam with 8 groups of electropermanent magnets, for plate & sheet handling on cutting machine

What is your first impression of the working area of a cutting machine in a factory or workshop? Messy, untidy, with materials and cut pieces randomly scattered around and disorderly piled up? Unsafe, possible falling of a plate with a power failure? Indeed, these are many people’s concerns when speaking of cutting steel plates or sheets. No worries. HVR magnetic beams can help ease your concerns, if you get to know more about us.

HVR magnetic beams, mounted on overhead cranes, are industrial lifting systems specially designed for loading steel plates & sheets onto cutting machine working tables and offloading the cut pieces safely and efficiently after the cutting procedure to an easily accessible area for parts separation with one lift. Most importantly, as the magnetic beams are equipped with electropermanent magnets, they will not drop a load in case of a power failure, and consume no power in their operation. This makes them safer to use in comparison to lifting systems with other common magnets(permanent magnets, or electromagnets) in the market. In the meantime, manufacturer’s can enjoy the benefits of decreased hours of physical labor, reduced handling time, all while performing in a safe environment.

Apart from all the above mentioned, HVR magnetic beams are suitable for more applications of lifting ferrous loads in various shapes and sizes than conventional techniques, thin sheets, thick plates, billets, slabs, steel coils, and other industrial materials.

Or if you have any special material handling needs, feel free to contact us for a more efficient and productive solution for your company.

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