Steel Plate Handling on Plasma Cutting Machine

Steel plates are acknowledgedly heavy, especially the large ones. For plasma plate cutting, we need to transfer plates in different sizes and lengths to the working table. But, a large and thin steel plate, being loaded by a single lifting magnet, could easily bend and possibly peel off from the magnet. In order to lift a thin plate with a large surface size, we would have to use a magnetic plate lifter which consists of electro permanent magnet modules hanged under its spreader beam.

Magnetic plate lifter designed & manufactured by HVR MAG, provides a stable and intensive clamping force on the steel sheet, which can be safely moved and positioned and is unsusceptible to deformations or bending.

Also, it can perform a precision loading of a single steel sheet without clinging to the next sheet. After the cutting procedure, it can unload the cut sheet and the scraps as possible as it can in one movement.

Furthermore, the spreader beam can be tailor made, fixed or telescopic, per your unique requirements and applications. Together with HVR MAG magnetic plate lifter, you can make the plate handling on cutting machine much easier and faster.

Want to learn more about the features and advantages of our magnetic plate lifter over other common electro magnets, please refer to our previous article for a better understanding.

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