Steel Pipe Lifter - 8 Ton Lifting Magnet with Side Clamps

There are various pipe lifters we can get from the market to lift steel pipes, like tongs, lifting clamps, grabs, lifting magnets, etc. People in metal industries are already quite familiar with those lifting tools. But, has anyone ever tried to handle steel pipes with magnets that has side clamps? Well, let’s take a look at this new type of pipe lifting magnet.

Showing in the picture, is the newest application of HVR MAG designed and manufactured industrial lifting equipment - 8 ton pipe lifting magnet with 2 side clamps for each set of magnetic modules(EPM). As you can see, this steel pipe lifting magnet is able to pick up 3 large heavy steel pipes at the same time and transfer them to be positioned to another place, with side clamps equipped to fix the pipes. Or, if only 1 or 2 pipes to be moved, you can just use the magnetic force to hold them. The clamps can be standby.
Lifting magnet specifications: lifting beam length: 12.5M; Rated lifting capacity: 8 ton; For pipe size(outer diameter * thickness): 114mm*3.5mm, it can pick up 15 pipes the most in one lift; For pipe size(outer diameter * thickness): 273mm*25mm, 6 pipes the most in one lift.

The advantages of handling steel pipes with specially made pipe lifting magnets over other non-magnetic devices, are quite obvious: ensured site safety - no dropping of pipe during the lift, even in a power outage; energy-saving - this over head crane magnet only needs electricity in MAG and DEMAG phase, no energy consumed during the lift.

Aside from pipes, this tailor-made pipe lifting magnet can also be used for the lifting of other ferrous industrial materials, like round bars, profiles, tubes, etc. One set of material handling equipment for versatile applications - a win-win investment for workshop. If you're in doubt selecting the proper model of magnetic lifter, please feel free to contact us. Our engineers will provide a customized project for your need as quickly as they can.

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