30 Ton Lifting Magnet - Steel Coil Lifting Equipment - Coil Lifter

Below is a typical application of HVR MAG's lifting magnet in heavy industrial steel material handling. This magnetic steel coil lifter, will lead us to know more about steel coil lifting.

Who: a steel manufacturer in China, needs to handle steel coils frequently in outside stacking yard.
Problem: Lifting with slings or C-hooks, is time-consuming and leads to high labor intensity, resulting in low efficiency;

HVR MAG's Solution:
Specially engineered steel coil lifter - 30 ton lifting magnet. 30 ton refers to the maximum weight of steel coil that this magnetic lifter can handle.

HVR MAG's Advantage over Slings & C-Hooks:

Contact us to get a tailor made lifting magnet for your steel parts to be handled. Or you can visit our CASE section to learn more about its application.

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