Quick Mold Change System for 3300 Ton Haitian IMM

For plastic injection molding machines, the larger the tonnage is, the harder and longer the mold changing process is. But with quick mold change system, everything is different.

Check the new installation of quick mold change system, supplied by HVR MAG, on a 3300 ton Haitian injection molding machine, to reduce the changing time of molds, in a bus manufacturing company.

First of all, let's get acquainted with the components of our mold clamping system: 1 movable magnetic mold clamping platen, 1 stationary magnetic mold clamping platen, human-machine interface panel, and the power control cabinet.
As we can see from the pictures took onsite, the edge of the mold baseplate has reached the margin of the baseplate of machine. If the molder goes with the hydraulic mold clamps, there won’t be enough space for their installation. Besides, there’s always a risk of oil leakage with hydraulic clamping system.

But with our magnetic quick mold change system installed, all these concerns are addressed, with extra benefits:

✦Uniform magnetic clamping force on the mold, less risk of mold distortion caused by mechanical clamping
Besides, our magnetic quick mold change systems sets no restriction the mold size
Mold changing time could be significantly shortened
Requires only one operator to monitor/control the mold changing process and injection molding process.

For more further technical info or other queries about our quick mold change system, please contact us for customization and quotation.

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