EPMagnets Lifting Steel Plate for Cutting & Unloading Metal Flat Strips

Electro permanent magnets can not only be manufactured to lift heavy steel plates, but also can be designed as magnetic gripper to unload metal flat strips piece by piece for cutting system.

But, getting these two different jobs with the same magnetic system, is a very challenging and demanding job, which can only be realized by customization from magnet manufacturer.

As shown in pictures, this workshop Loading the steel plate onto the cutting table, with 10 pieces of HEPMP-320P50 electro permanent magnets. The rated lifting capacity for each magnet is 320kg. That is to say, this gantry robotic system, can pick up steel plate weighing up to 3200kg.
The loaded steel plate was cut into many pieces of metal flat strips. With customized magnets, these metal strips can be grabbed piece by piece and transferred smoothly and quickly. No more manual works, which was the case when lifting with plate hooks and clamps.

Besides, handling with magnetic gripping force can protect the edges of metal strips from scratches. If the power supply suddenly goes off, the lifted steel plate, and the gripped metal flat strip will not drop as the magnetic force of these electro permanent magnets still remains.

Magnetic lifting/gripping, combined with robotic system, replaces conventional labor works and lifting clamps, is the result of industrial revolution with the development of intelligent manufacturing. From this, we can see that electro permanent magnets are bound to be enjoying more extensive applications in industries.

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