7000kg Steel Coil Handling Equipment - Magnet Lifter

Take a look at our vertical eye steel coil handling equipment - the newly manufactured magnetic lifter with a maximum lifting capacity of 7000kg.

This steel coil handling equipment, was specifically designed and manufactured to handle sheet metal coils, 1 piece each time.
Electrically switched permanent magnetic lifter, with remote control, only uses electricity to switch the magnetic force ON and OFF.

Compared with other coil lifting devices, like grabs or tongs, magnetic lifting is more safe and efficient due to the following features:

Magnetic clamping on the coil, no scratches or marks left on its surface
The heavy coil will not drop to jeopardize the personnel or other equipment, as the lifting magnet can remain holding even if the power sudden goes off
Remote control allows swift pick up and release of the coil

In addition to vertical eye coil, HVR MAG can also tailor design steel coil handling equipment for horizontal eye coil. Visit our product page to find out more. For quick and safe handling of coils, contact us to customize one set now.

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