Magnetic Grippers Unloading Metal Cut Parts with Cartesian Robot System

Is your workshop still using manpower to unload metal cut parts with permanent magnetic lifter? Some favour robotic system with magnetic grippers for the unloading job, like the following factory did.

Let’s take a look at the design of these magnetic grippers. Each consists of 2 different models of small magnet gripping heads: 16pcs of HEPMP-50P30 magnets, plus 1pcof HEPMP-10P30-D20 magnet.
Depending on the shape and size of the cut part, the robotic system can utilize different combinations of magnetic gripping heads to pick up 1pc of metal each time.

Robot gripper manipulating process: picking up a metal from the cutting table, hold, transfer and place it onto the conveying belt for the next sorting procedure. All these movements are controlled by the robotic system, and performed automatically.

Feedback from Operator:

Significantly improved the unloading efficiency by reducing worker’s labor intensity with robotic handling.
No need to worry about dropping metal in a sudden power outage, as these electro permanent magnetic grippers can remain holding of load, which means they do not consume power in gripping state.

If you intend to automate your workshop of the whole unloading process of metal cut parts, youll need proper grippers for your robotic system. Due to the sophisticated shape and size of the cut parts, other robot grippers like vacuum cups and mechanical grippers are not fit for this demanding job.

Customized magnetic grippers, based on the specifications of your material and overall working conditions in your workshop, can help you get the most of your handling efficiency.

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