Robot End Effector Sorting & Palletising Metal Cut Parts

Another typical application of robot end effector customized & manufactured by HVR MAG, in automatic sorting and palletising of different metal cut parts in a machine manufacturing workshop.

What Is A Robot End Effector?

A robotic end effector is the device that is mounted onto the end of a robotic arm, designed to interact with the environment. The exact nature of this device depends on the application of the robot.

Design of magnetic robot end effector Consisting of 2 different sizes of magnet gripping heads, electrically switched, PLC programmed to the robotic system.
The entire handling process includes picking up the metal cut part from the conveying belt, holding, transferring and palletising it onto the designated place. The tricky part is that the end effector shall be able to pick up metal cut part of varying sizes.

This magnetic end effector enables the FANUC robot to pick and place metal part, with increased accuracy, improved efficiency and reduced time needed to complete the sortation and palletization project.

If youre looking for the right robot end effector for ferrous materials and parts, contact us to get a quote or visit our website to learn more about our magnetic grippers in robotics.

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